How To Find Good Local Food When Traveling

Vegetarian Paella in Seville, Spain

Scoping out new restaurants is my favorite part of traveling! I love wandering the streets and just discovering what a new city has to offer. Today, I’m sharing what I’ve learned over the year.

Google it!

Being vegetarian, it’s been very helpful for me to Google the best restaurants in a city that I will be visiting. This way I can plan ahead and have a chance to experience local cuisine instead of running to the nearest Domino’s Pizza because I can’t find anything else to eat.

Avoid restaurants located near popular monuments or tourist destinations.

Often these restaurants are tourist traps. The food may be mass-produced and it won’t give you the best the city has to offer. Try asking locals where to go.

Avoid restaurants with more than 2 languages on the menu.

Another tourist trap trying to attract those who don’t speak the local language.

Avoid restaurants with photos of the meals on the menu.

Yet again, another tourist trap. I guess these pictures are meant to be enticing, but I haven’t found this to be true.

Avoid restaurants where the staff are telling you how good their food is.

Sorry to say, it’s probably really bad.

Go to restaurants where a lot of people are speaking the local language.

‘Nuff said.

 What are some ways you like to find good eats when you travel? Do you agree with this list or disagree? 

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